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Now that I know how...

Here is a couple of scenes from one of my favorite movies--"The Third Man", directed by Carol Reed, and also starring Joseph Cotton and Orson Welles. The story is based on a small book by Graham Greene.
In the beginning, the movie has you believe that Welles is dead. However,it's just a cover so that he can continue selling tainted penicillin on the black market. The first scene reveals, to Joseph Cotton, who is a childhood friend of Welles' for the story, that he is not dead. It's one of cinemas greatest introductions of a character.
The second scene has Orson Welles rationalizing the murders that are the results of his actions. Unfortunately, it sounds too much like the reasonings of the bureacratic, and corporate state of minds when it comes to making money, which, I think, makes the "Ferris Wheel" scene so chilling.
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